Dr. Lanfermann® pH 12 cosmetics – a contradiction to classic cosmetics?

pH 12 Kosmetik von Dr. Lanfermann

How is water produced pH 12?

The developments for this water pH 12 go back to 1985. A Japanese man was interested in the miracle water from Lourdes and wanted to find out the secret of this spring. So he had the spring water sent to Japan and tried to find out the secret with conventional analysis. The analytical results did not help him any further and so he looked at the results on alkaline water, which originated in the 1930s.

After a long period of research, he found out that the alkaline water could be converted into a water with a pH of 12 with the help of mineralization. In contrast to alkaline water, this superionized water is highly stable. It contains almost no oxygen. Therefore a nail does not rust in this water pH 12. In a test this could be shown. After 24 years the nail is still without rust.

Thus the production of water pH 12 was optimized and applied for a patent. Only that mineralization takes place after electrolysis is published. During electrolysis, electricity is conducted into the pure water (process similar to the battery in a car). At the anode (minus pole) the alkaline water collects, which is subjected to mineralization in the next step. This step is the real secret. The only thing that is published is that the water contains max. 0.3 % ions of Na, Si, K, P, Mg, Ca and Cl.

What are the properties of water pH 12?

In order to discover the properties of this superionized water pH 12, long test series began. It was discovered that similar electrons were stored around a “pollution” and were driven away by the ions with a different charge. This property has been used successfully in the medical field in particular. Thus it was possible to close a non-closing ulcer again. The patient was spared the amputation. The water pH 12 was also successfully tested for 2nd and 3rd degree burns. In one child the skin could be regenerated without scarring.

It turned out that the classical medicine did not lead in these cases to the goal. The theory was developed that antibiotics prevent the regeneration of the skin. Water pH 12 has an antibacterial effect and thus forms a protective film to the environment, while the body’s own healing powers can work effectively.

Why now Dr. Lanfermann® Cosmetics pH 12?

These special properties from the medical world can also be transferred to the world of cosmetics. If the water is effective against burns, it should also help against sunburn. Exactly this was confirmed by our tests. This is how the idea for a Dr. Lanfermann® After Sun Spray pH 12 was born, which we will present for the first time on 14.09.2019 during the Garching Autumn Days.

The results with the skin cleansing let us ponder about a second product. In cosmetics, the aim is to achieve as even a complexion as possible. The water pH 12 should level this way. However, tests showed a slightly different direction. In diabetics, the skin does not regenerate in the same way as in healthy people. The old tissue can be removed better with water pH 12, than with water and soap. Also it turned out, that skin impurities became less by the laundry with the water, a more even skin picture adjusted itself. A process which should support especially persons who are affected by acne. This is how the product Dr. Lanfermann® Surfactant-free washing spray pH 12 was created.


We think that the development of these and other products with water pH 12 is a supplement to the classic cosmetics. pH 12 cosmetics is vegan and meets the criteria for approval as natural cosmetics. Water pH 12 has been tested many times and is absolutely safe. On contact with the skin, the high pH value is converted to the skin’s own pH value of approx. 5.5. It is not irritating for the skin. The mucous membranes of the eyes may be slightly irritated. Therefore one should close the eyes, if one splashes the water into the face. The products are free of preservatives.