Dr. Lanfermann® cosmetics pH 12

Dr. Lanfermann® Cosmetics pH 12

kosmetische Produkte pH 12 von Dr. Lanfermann



In September 2019, Fekunda was the first company in Germany to present a new cosmetic series with a pH value of 12 under the Dr. Lanfermann® label.

What does pH 12 mean?

The pH value is a determination from 0 to 14, whether an aqueous solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline. The value 7 was defined as neutral. Values smaller than 7 mean that a solution is acidic. The smaller the value, the more acidic. A value greater than 7 also means that a solution is alkaline. The larger the value, the more basic.

Most of our foods are acidic. Carbonated mineral water has a pH value around 5.1, Cola around 2.1. The tap water in Munich has a pH value of 7.4 so that the pipes do not corrode. Soft soaps reach pH values between 8.5 and 13.

Alkaline water

In the middle of the 19th century Bernadette Soubirous , a French nun, is said to have discovered the source of Lourdes. The water is said to have miraculous cures, so that in 1985 the Japanese Masahiro Okajima became curious and had a sample of this spring water sent to him. He wanted to find out if there was anything special about the water that could be used to establish the miracle cures. But he did not get any further with the usual analytics. Finally he got the right idea – ionization.

Already in the 30’s of the last century researchers and would-be researchers dealt with the topic “alkaline water”. This is obtained by the electrolysis of drinking water. At the anode (plus pole) hydrogen-rich water with a pH value of approx. 8-10 collects. Today there are commercial electrolysis devices which can produce alkaline water at any time. Alkaline water is also said to have healing powers. However, there are still no scientific studies that prove this. Source: Psiram

Electrolysis with so-called ionizers produces a alkaline water with all its ingredients from the tap water. These are not only ions and salts, but also substances that can only be filtered out of the water insufficiently by the waterworks. e.g. contrast media from medicine, substances from fertilization, etc. In order to obtain a higher pH value, strongly alkaline substances are added in small quantities.

Superionized water pH 12

Masahiro Okajima developed a process with which he could produce stable superionized water with a pH of 12. The process is patented.

In the first step, pure water is electrolyzed and the basic water obtained is mineralized in a secret process. The result is a stable water with always the same composition.

What is special about this water, however, is the subsequent experience in derma cosmetics and medicine, which has been published in the specialist literature.

Documented applications

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Tetsuo Shu et al., BioScience Trends, 2010, 4(1): 1-3

Tetsuo Shu et al., BioScience Trends, 2010, 4(5): 213 – 217

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  • Healing a leg ulcer – 50 days, sprayed 3 times daily (2015)
  • Healing a leg ulcer – 8 months, sprayed 3 times daily (2015/16)
  • strong reduction of acne – 5 months, sprayed 3x daily (2016/17)
  • Confirmation of periodontal application (2x daily spraying of teeth)
  • Removes tartar (2x daily spraying)
  • Cleans pore-deep (spray and subsequent wiping of the skin with a paper towel)
  • Helps with sunburn (2x spraying the irritated areas)
  •  normalizes the bowel movement (drinking cure)
  • Reduces itching in hemorrhoids (drinking cure)
  •  closes small injuries (1-3x sprayed)
  • Injuries are closed faster (sprayed several times a day)


Sonnenbrand ade

After Sun Spray pH 12, 100 ml, vegan, natural cosmetics

Applied after sunbathing, this spray gives the skin more moisture again and irritated areas (sunburn) are optimally treated.

Also recommended after using a solarium.


porentiefe Reinigung

Surfactant-free washing spray pH 12, 100 and 200 ml, vegan, natural cosmetics

Pore deep cleansing of the skin without soap – especially for sensitive people. Very suitable for impure skin. But this spray is also recommended for bedridden people. It is cooling, moisturizes the skin and irritating areas are improved.