Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX

TRIPLEX – the better one

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Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Base and Shine consist of the professional products for use at your hairdresser and for use at home as a home product.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Base

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Base repairs damaged hair by smoothing the dandruff again. It is applied directly to dry hair. Depending on the damage to the hair, Base can be diluted with water before use or, in the case of severe damage, applied undiluted.

Straight long hair is very strained, because the tips hit again and again against the clothes and they are therefore very stressed. Many women have their hair blonded. During this process the hair is chemically attacked. When blonding hair, the scales are opened to remove the colour pigments from the hair. But also in other dyeing processes hair bleaching is often the first step to get the desired hair colour afterwards. The combination of long hair and blonding is a real strain on the hair.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Base protects long hair and repairs it when blonding so that the hair looks healthy and well-groomed for a long time. The hair feels better to touch.



Blonding with 9% H2O2

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Base professional is for use by hairdressers. It protects the hair when blonding, dyeing or after a permanent wave. Enjoy the Wellness – treatment with your hairdresser to repair your strained or long hair again. Available in the 500 ml cabinet bottle.

You can use Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Base home at home. Apply the liquid to the dry hair and let it work for approx. 30 minutes. Then wash out and use Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Shine home. Available in the practical 100 ml bottle or as a set with Shine home.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Shine

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Shine acts as a booster. It brings a silky shine to the hair and protects it from premature bleaching. It is used after washing out Base. In order to care for long hair, Shine can also be used once a week as a cure product. After blonding the hair, the hair is very in need of care. Shine can also be used here as a weekly treatment. Specially dyed hair or after the hair blonde the color bleaches quickly in the sunshine. The special UV protection of Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX-Shine helps against this.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Shine professional is also suitable for use by hairdressers. After the application of Base Shine brings shine back to the hair and protects the hair from premature bleaching after dyeing or blonde hair. Available in 500 ml cabinet bottle.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX-Shine home is applied to damp hair after the application of Base home. It is used like a conditioner. Let it work for approx. 10 minutes, shampoo and dry your hair and style it as usual. Available in the practical 100 ml bottle or as a set with TRIPLEX Base home.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX - von Friseuren getestet

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Base and Shine have been tested by hairdressers – both when blonding hair and for the care of long hair – and awarded very good marks. Trust the knowledge of your hairdresser.

Don’t forget to ask your hairdresser for Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX when your next hair blonde. And if you have long hair, ask him about the wellness programme with Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Heat Protection

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX home

The hair not only needs protection during chemical processes, but also during styling with a hair dryer, straightening iron or curling iron. Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Heat Protection has been developed to provide optimum protection against hair breakage and split ends at temperatures of up to 230°C. A yeast extract is used as the active ingredient to optimally protect the hair.

3-4 sprayers on damp hair are sufficient. Blow dry the hair dry and then style it with a straightening iron or curling iron. To revitalize dry hair, put 3-4 sprayers into the dry hair, blow dry again and then style with a straightening iron or curling iron.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Heat Protection is available in 200 ml bottles for professionals and 100 ml bottles for home use.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX for optimal hair care and excellent protection against hair breakage and split ends.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX
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