The 11 best foot deodorants at a glance. At the test in 11.2019 at the Dr. Lanfermann® foot deodorant cream was chosen as test winner. We are proud of this award as it shows that a good formulation is establishing itself on the market. But Dr. Lanfermann® does not only offer this foot deodorant cream, but also a deodorant cream and a deodorant cream in natural cosmetics for use under the armpits, under the breasts or at the crotch. Visit our shop, Amazon …

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As the newest product under the label Dr. Lanfermann® the first of three Deo Creme products is now available. Dr. Lanfermann® Deo Creme is a rich deodorant cream made from vegan raw materials. Depending on the ambient temperature, the effectiveness ranges from several hours to several days.

Dr. Lanfermann® Deo Creme is available in three different variations – as standard, as natural cosmetics and as foot deodorant cream. All are made from selected, vegan raw materials and all meet the requirements of a halal cosmetic.

New in the range is the Propolis Organic Ointment from Pur Alp. It consists of natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and is Bioland certified. Propolis Organic Ointment cares for and protects cracked skin and lips. The ointment base consists of natural

The Allgäu is still one of the last areas in Germany where one feels connected to nature. Not only the great mountain panorama attracts the visitors, also the fresh air and the smell of untouched nature. Here is also the home of several beehives.