Bleaching with Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX

For the new video we would like to thank Ali, the master hairdresser from the Salon Diva in Izmir, Turkey. Ali is an enthusiastic user of Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX. For this reason the video was also published in Turkish.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Base

Base is a concentrate of pea protein, a natural product. TRIPLEX Base has the property to protect the hair shaft from chemical changes and to make the hair shine again and look healthy.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Shine

Shine is a booster that can also be used independently. TRIPLEX Shine enhances the shine of the hair. It contains pea protein, jojoba oil and almond oil. The built-in UV protection protects the hair from premature fading.

Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX Heat Protection

Heat Protection is also a natural product from a yeast extract. TRIPLEX Heat Protection protects the hair from heat when blow-drying, using straight irons and curling irons. It gives the hair more volume and moisture.

With Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX your hair is protected all around, it shines and it is protected against heat and UV radiation. Ask your hairdresser about TRIPLEX .

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