Dr. Lanfermann® Antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure

Dr. Lanfermann® Antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure for dilution

Dr. Lanfermann Antioxidant pH 12



This drinking cure is available exclusively at Fekunda. It has a pH value of 12, but is not corrosive. It has a high antioxidant content, which is about 3 to 4 times higher than vitamin C.

Dr. Lanfermann® Antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure is the fountain of youth for your cells.


Why pH 12?

The pH value is a measured variable to determine whether an aqueous solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline. On a measuring scale of 0 – 14, values between 0 and 7 mean that the solution is acidic, between 7 and 14 that it is alkaline. 7 means a neutral solution. The more acidic or alkaline a solution is, the more caustic it becomes in the common definition. Corrosive solutions are dangerous for the skin and mucous membranes. In the Dr. Lanfermann® Antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure, the chemist refers to a so-called Lewis Base. It has a very low alkali content and is therefore not dangerous for the skin and mucous membranes. The pH value of 12 also has the advantage that no bacteria or viruses can grow in the drinking cure. 

Superionized alkaline water

The Japanese Masahiro Okajima developed a process to produce this water with a pH value of 12. He was inspired by the healings in Lourdes and since 1985 he has been researching on a water with extraordinary properties. He finally found a way, which he also had patented. In a first step, a so-called basic water is produced by electrolysis. In a second step a defined mineralisation is carried out. This means that the water always has the same composition and therefore the same mode of action.


Most of the scientific studies with the water were done on the skin. In the literature it is described that an open ulcer could be closed again by application with the water. The application of the water also brought success with 2nd to 3rd degree burns.

Swiss and French clinics have also been doing research with the water for about 3 years, also as a drinking cure. It has been found that it helps in many cases. However, most of the applications are not (yet) published, as these are individual cases. So far, the application as a mist has been published for COPD, a dangerous lung disease. Here the water was nebulized and inhaled like a brine. Not always a cure is reported, but at least an improvement of the condition.

The water has a great influence on the human cells. Due to the ionization an exchange between the cell water and the external environment seems to be possible. The exact mode of action is not yet known, but the Japanese have started to research the effects. Because if you know how the water affects the cells, both in the body and on the skin, you can use the water in a targeted way.

Today it is already known that the water has an anti-aging effect. Apparently, tiny amounts of the water can migrate into the cells and make them bloat. The PAT (Plasma Antioxidant Test) also proved that the water has a very high antioxidant content. The test was carried out by research institutes in Italy and Switzerland that specialise in this. Antioxidants, such as the well-known vitamin C, play an important role in the activation of the human immune system. It is therefore interesting to see what results will be published in the future.

Dr. Lanfermann® Antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure for dilution

Fekunda has had a marketability study carried out, which states that the water can be sold as food. Fekunda offers the water in a defined concentration as antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure for dilution in 500 and 1000 ml. The water is available online or in all German pharmacies. Distributors at home and abroad are welcome.

Antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure for dilution is not intended for use in the present concentration. It must be diluted with a mineral water low in minerals before drinking. The water loses its positive properties with additional mineral salts. You can see this very clearly if you put the water into tap water. A white turbidity becomes visible, the minerals precipitate and the water becomes ineffective. For this reason the mineral water must not contain more than 50 mg/l of cationic minerals. In Germany, you have to look for appropriate mineral waters at your beverage dealer. If Fekunda is provided with the information, it will be published here on the site. In Switzerland and France such natural mineral waters are better available, because in Germany the opinion prevails that mineral water must also contain a high mineral content. In a suitable spring water the concentrate dissolves completely and can be drunk.

Depending on the taste buds, a slightly fishy taste may be perceived. The manufacturer is working on eliminating this phenomenon completely, but this is not to be expected in the short term.

Tip: Drink the water in small sips, then the taste will be less obtrusive or not noticeable at all.

Based on your own experience, you can say that the water starts to work in your body after a very short time. This is most obvious during bowel movements, which normalise very quickly. It has also been reported that the itching in haemorrhoids is reduced. Other abnormalities are not necessarily due to the drinking cure, as certain statistical results must be available for a scientific statement.

Tip: Mix a ready-to-drink water from approx. 400 ml spring water and 100 ml antioxidant pH 12 drinking cure for dilution. For a lower concentration, mix approx. 450 ml spring water with 50 ml antioxidant pH 12. Drink a small glass in the morning and evening. Store the ready-to-drink water in a closed bottle. Attention – do not use a glass bottle, as it will be attacked by the product.

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Suitable spring water / mineral water for dilution

Plose naturell für Dr. Lanfermann pH 12 Trinkkur

PLOSE naturale

Due to the high demands on quality and composition and the special way of bottling, Plose water comes to your table as if fresh from the spring.

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Mineralwasser für Dr. Lanfermann pH 12 Trinkkur

Bad Brambacher naturell

Natural mineral water without added carbon dioxide from the Bad Brambacher Mineralquelle in Bad Brambach.

Bad Brambacher Mineralquellen
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