Vegan Dr. Lanfermann® anti-aging cream now available

Anti-Aging Creme von Dr. LanfermannWe are pleased to add our vegan Dr. Lanfermann® Anti-Aging Cream to our product portfolio.

Dr. Lanfermann® Anti-Aging Cream is manufactured with selected raw materials. The oils used – jojoba oil and shea butter – are from controlled organic cultivation. The palm derivatives come from certified cultivation. The active ingredient is a combination of the peptide Argireline® and inorganic salts. This combination leads to the desired purpose, namely a cell renewal in the uppermost layer of the epidermis as well as in the lowest. This means that the process of cell renewal does not happen overnight, but slowly, day after day. After about 8 weeks the maximum of cell renewal is reached.

In an in-vivo studio of the active ingredient supplier, the reduction of wrinkles was determined in a test group of 50-55 year old women and a test group of 35-40 year old women. To confirm the test results, both a cream without active ingredient and placebos were used. In the older group an improvement of the skin appearance was determined corresponding to 17 years younger persons, in the younger group still an improvement corresponding to 13 years younger women. The roughness of the skin also improved by about 40%. The test candidates used the cream twice a day for 56 days.

The vegan Dr. Lanfermann® Anti-Aging Cream is produced without perfume oils, so that the application of the preferred perfume is not affected. It is quickly absorbed and gives a pleasant skin feeling.